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FAVOURITES Favourite Colour: Lilac… or anything pink/purple related Favourite Food: Erm… I don’t really know… maggie mee? XD Favourite Movie: Paprika Favourite Sport: Jogging lol Favourite Day: Saturday because there’s japanese class ^^ Favourite Season: Autumn! The leaves are so … Continue reading

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Bryan’s Birthday Bash (3 days early)

But this post is 3 days late cos the outing took place on the 24th lol. I’m really not a very punctual and accurate blogger XD. I didn’t know it was his birthday until he told Yagi sensei when we … Continue reading

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Uemura… Kana? (but hey she’s good)

The first thing that caught my attention about this singer is of course her first name, Uemura LOL. My sensei has this name too, but different kanji. Her latest album wasn’t bad. Here’s the reviews from jpopsuki: ‘New and thus … Continue reading

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alice nine is <3

whee just downloaded and listened to their most recent single (yesterday LOL). Presenting… TSUBASA/Ruri no Ame 1.TSUBASA 2.Ruri no Ame 3.FOLLOW ME (only in in regular edition) PV TSUBASA (in A-type single) Ruri no Ame (in B-type single) stupid PS … Continue reading

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Protected: A picture story of 2 fairies in AHS Dreamland

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A Very Sad Day… until… (Part 1)

haiz it’s lonely to walk the streets of bugis ALL ALONE… with strangers all around you staring. Their eyes were piercing, making you afraid, and make you wonder why they stare, and why you’re alone in the first place. I … Continue reading

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CDS Farewell Party 2007 (also known as huan song hui. 3days late lol)

hehe my very limited take on the event here. Didn’t take much photos cos I was relying more on the teacher’s pics (she took quite a lot). Besides, my phone’s running low on memory ¬¬ so here ya go~ my … Continue reading

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