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Bad Dreams.

21st December I dreamt that my honey went for an arranged marriage for some unknown reason. I fell into an abyss of despair and hopelessness. Idiotically, I went for an arranged marriage too. It was this clan of Arabians (no … Continue reading

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alice nine is <3 again with Alpha XD

CD + DVD cover CD only Sorry they are not of the same sizes cos I got them from different sites and I’m lazy to resize them lol Track list #1 “ZERO” – 4:49 #2 “cosmic world” – 5:09 #3 … Continue reading

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My last job T~T

I decided that this job is too heavy for me so I made this my last one… And when I mean heavy it’s emotionally heavy, at least for me. Forgot what the school is but it’s a girls’ school yeah. … Continue reading

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So empty inside. Everyday I wake up and feel lifeless the moment I know they are back home now. Missed every one of them. Masa, Masao, Kanda, Sachi, Ichinohe, Tamago, Naoki, Takuya, and even the guy whose name I’ve forgotten(or … Continue reading

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airiin (insert adjective here), minna (” ” “)

LOL the guys from Katsuda Kogyu High(it’s a technical institute so it was like all guys >.< there were only 4 girls who looked like Singaporeans LOL) were very easy-going. Even though I was like being an idiot all the … Continue reading

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Was what the boys from Shiroyama High kept blaring me with LOL. Again, I took a pic with the Japanese as we were queueing up for the standard tickets at the mrt… XD My face is blurred though. I wonder … Continue reading

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I suck at tour guiding!!!

Took a group of girls from Ishikawa High School on a tour. Class 6 Group 5. Damn their kanji was confusing on the itinery(sp?). They are of course typical Japanese high school girls. haha. But they are a fun bunch. … Continue reading

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