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While on my way home from school on the bus, I went past my primary school (it has been relocated…), and then i saw my primary school choir teacher… I was like omg, it’s been so long, and she’s still … Continue reading

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school woes

I don’t like it when i can solve simple problems by myself then when a more challenging problems presents itself im stunned. i don’t like to always approach others for help. how am i gonna pass my promo exam at … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day

Though it’s already 40minutes past the memorable day, and I’m still not yet a woman, I still find it essential to comment on it. Or rather, I’m about to explode with opinions. Most of you out there who came from … Continue reading

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もっと鞄が欲しい~(I want more bags)

最近学校は大変だった~ たくさん勉強したいけど、時間がないからなかなかできない。 宿題も多いです@_@  圧力~~~~~~~ 圧力を消すために、なんか買い物して欲しい。。。特に鞄です。。。 ______________________________________________________ Lately I’ve been really stressed out in school~ I want to study more, but due to time constraint, somehow I can’t. There’s also a lot of homework @_@ STRESS~~~~~~~~~ In order to destress I seem … Continue reading

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