Time flies…

I felt so depressed when i heard the noon bell today. It’s already April. How time flies. I feel like just going into a corner and shun myself from the world and the passing of time.

Not being emo or anything but, I don’t really wanna grow up. I want to turn back time, be a kid again, this time a kid that can study and have fun.

Would time have gone slower if I’d chosen a different path?

Math CA next week, and Chem CA the week after. Not to forget NAPFA too. and MYE before and after June holidays.

I feel so shortchanged in terms of freedom and life.

I keep wondering if this is what i really want?

All I know is that I just want a simple life, well-spent with my loved ones. But I know I need to make plans for the future.

If only I didnt think so much. 


About Kimono Party Girl

I was born and bred in Singapore for the first 20 years of my life, and then I decided that even after flying all over the world as a flight attendant, life is still too boring. So, in search of more adventure and add spice to my life, I quit my job, packed up, and left for Japan - which is, to me, the promised land. I've always been fascinated with Japan ever since I was 8, thanks to Ayumi Hamasaki, aka the Britney Spears of Japan. She's the first J-pop singer that I have been obsessed with, and my first contact with the Japanese language was through her lyrics. Yup, I first learned my Hiragana from her song 'I am'. But what really sealed the deal was my first trip to Japan in 2010. The fresh air, the beautiful cherry blossoms, the endless fast fashion trends and the awesome food was what made Japan the land of my dreams, and it had since become my goal to one day live, work and party in Japan. So after working like a horse as a flight attendant for 2 years and saving up a decent amount, I made a big leap of faith and moved to the land of the rising sun. I have studied one year of Japanese and two years of graphic design. Currently, I'm in the midst of shukatsu (就活 - job hunting). Wish me luck!
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3 Responses to Time flies…

  1. slayedoll says:

    no matter how stressed you get.. dont forget your loved ones and set aside some time for them.. even if just a meal or something and while doing so, ban all thoughts of school and exams from your mind, since it is useless thinking about it anyway. there’s a time for everything. (:

  2. sd says:

    all efforts will pay off~! ganbarimasu~!

  3. mirajii says:

    Jas: thanks! I do try to do that. but it just keeps coming back…
    but like you said there’s a time for everything. and i believe in that too. ^^

    sd: thank you honey~ i don’t really need anything else you know… xD

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