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Heaven’s Cataract – Part 3

THE CHASE I Even when his goddess was the speaker, Kyle couldn’t focus on what she’s saying. All that occupied his mind were thoughts of lust towards Amber, which he painfully, unbearingly and forcefully tried to suppress. Amber… she was … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Cataract – Part 2

SANCTUARY   *Victorian palace-styled buildings. Willow trees at every garden. Wide courtyards. Harvard was every bit as Kyle had imagined it to be. A place too gorgeous to school in, Kyle marvelled at the beauty of the college. He felt … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Cataract – Part 1

This is a story of a boy who had been separated from his mother since young, and reunited with her by chance many years later, only to discover that a complex circumstance was about to unfold… THE HELPLESS CHILD ‘Do you … Continue reading

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Random updates

Due to the requests of a certain someone, i’ve translated the japanese posts into english. so now everyone knows what im rambling about. which makes me feel exposed all of a sudden LOL   i want this year to be … Continue reading

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WR はもう出した~ 今から今年の最後の試験に一生懸命勉強できて頑張れるよ~ いいスコアを取りたいよ。。。来年H3をぜひ勉強したい。   とにかく、先のGPテストに良くしました~ 嬉しい ^^ 初めてSummaryとAQに良くしたよ~ Summaryに6点(全部7点)、AQに5点(全部8点)を取って喜びました。^^   でもさ、このテストは簡単はずです。練習だけなんです。T~T 今年の終わりの試験は必ずもっと難しくなる。 緊張するんね~ 大変T~T どうして頭が良くないの? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ WR is finally done~ Now i can concentrate fully and do my best for the promos! I want to score well (duh)… and take H3 next year.   Anyway, … Continue reading

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A Random Happy Day… ^^

Today’s Japanese lesson was exceptionally fun. I’m back to my usual class gang again! Herman, Bryan, Katty, Terry and Denise. Adrian was still nowhere to be seen but i shan’t talk about him and dampen my good mood… Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Protected: What is the Problem?!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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