What an adventure…

So instead of chilling in Osaka, I’m here in KL’s airport hotel…. Great. Just great.

I wonder what this means? Is God showing me kindness because weather in Japan is bad and He doesn’t want me to drag so many things around in the heavy rain? Or… I don’t even want to say it, but, maybe He means I shouldn’t go there? I certainly hope it’s the former.

Anyway, I’m just hoping that I will get out of here soon. That I will board the plane, that there will be no more delays (anymore delays and I will be late for school), that I will get to my dorm alive and safe.

And I hope I’m not asking for too much, but if I like the dorm, I hope I can stay longer than the originally scheduled one month. When I called the ojisan from the dorm, he kept confirming the length of stay with me, like as if he’s afraid that I will change my mind and stay longer. I really hope that’s not the case!

When I checked in to the airport hotel (courtesy of the Malaysia Airlines, of course. They caused the delay and they owe me at least that much), it feels like I’m back to being a cabin crew again. The hotel looks exactly like all the other hotels that I’ve stayed before! NOOOOOO. But haiz what other choice do I have?



me just checked in looking very glum


kitty sipping a cuppa while watching me use com and trying to play ukulele hehe

Now I really want to be there. In Osaka. I should be meeting Desmond and Noriko san right now. ARGHHHHH just thinking about it makes me so mad. T~T

Maybe this little adventure is to help me get over my homesickness? Like right now I’d rather be there than here. I wonder if that makes any sense.

But, it makes a good story, doesn’t it? *bad poker face* Though it’s a story I’d rather not tell.


About Kimono Party Girl

I was born and bred in Singapore for the first 20 years of my life, and then I decided that even after flying all over the world as a flight attendant, life is still too boring. So, in search of more adventure and add spice to my life, I quit my job, packed up, and left for Japan - which is, to me, the promised land. I've always been fascinated with Japan ever since I was 8, thanks to Ayumi Hamasaki, aka the Britney Spears of Japan. She's the first J-pop singer that I have been obsessed with, and my first contact with the Japanese language was through her lyrics. Yup, I first learned my Hiragana from her song 'I am'. But what really sealed the deal was my first trip to Japan in 2010. The fresh air, the beautiful cherry blossoms, the endless fast fashion trends and the awesome food was what made Japan the land of my dreams, and it had since become my goal to one day live, work and party in Japan. So after working like a horse as a flight attendant for 2 years and saving up a decent amount, I made a big leap of faith and moved to the land of the rising sun. I have studied one year of Japanese and two years of graphic design. Currently, I'm in the midst of shukatsu (就活 - job hunting). Wish me luck!
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