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Women-only train carriages

There are so many perverts in Japan, this thing is actually necessary. The article above is written by a white girl for other white girls living in Japan, but I’d say it applies to every girl on the street. … Continue reading

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A Material Girl’s Wishlist

Super bored and lonely since the boyfriend is gonna be away for the weekend… T-T but oh well, let me blog to get things of my chest. Ok, gonna let the materialistic side of me shine for a little while. … Continue reading

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Benjo Meshi – a glimpse into Japan’s bizarre culture

Disclaimer: this is merely my personal observation and should not be taken as hard facts about Japan. What I’m trying to do is just to introduce a side of Japan that many people may not know, that’s all. Not all … Continue reading

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Bentos – why so pretty??

Japanese bentos (lunchboxes) have always been pretty; it’s not just the outside but the inside as well. Ok that’s kinda more like an art piece (bento art – I think it exists @_@) rather than something that ordinary people make … Continue reading

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Singapore’s first win at Cannes!!

I know I’m a little late in talking about it but I’m just soooo happy that a Singaporean production has been awarded at such a huge international event!! Introducing… Ilo Ilo! It’s a film by Anthony Chen, who apparently has … Continue reading

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