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A heartwarming part time job

One of my part-time jobs is to take part in a role-play session (in English) called Global Program, which is to help Japanese high school students familiarise with various scenarios that might happen to them when they are abroad, since … Continue reading

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Singapore’s Phoenix Wright

I was reading this article and then it struck me that the defense lawyer M Ravi is very much like Phoenix Wright. For those who have idea what Phoenix Wright is about:¬† Fictional characters are usually very extreme (that’s … Continue reading

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Chasing an ever-changing dream

I just had a conversation yesterday with a friend whom I have not seen for a while. He’s Jordanian with Ukrainian blood, speaks four languages (Arabic, English, Japanese and Mandarin in the progress) and he’s an extremely funny guy. While … Continue reading

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Daylight Robbery – Softbank

Who needs robbers when you have corporations that technically tries to wipe out your whole bank account (legally)? (For those who do not know, Softbank is not actually a bank. It’s a fucked up telecom company that tried to overcharge … Continue reading

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Ok, I was so excited when I was talking about my cousin’s friend who just had an unbelievable surgery that requires cutting squares in her corneas that I totally forgot to mention that we had gone to the Merlion Park … Continue reading

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Summer 2013 – Part 2

OMG been so busy with internship and all that I hadn’t had time to blog at all!!! @_@ But but, it’s autumn now! I’m so happy that autumn has finally arrived!! But September is typhoon season and up till now … Continue reading

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