Mirage’s Delusional Life

Hi there! I’m a Singaporean girl currently studying Graphic Design in Japan, Osaka.

I didn’t initially plan to study Graphic Design here though! I just wanted to desperately get out of Singapore and I happen to like Japan so I chose to come study here for one year and see how things go. I studied Japanese language for one year and kept my options open. Then I started sourcing for other schools upon graduation because I’d decided that I wanted to stay here in Japan. Mostly because of a certain wonderful guy that I’ve met and entered into a serious relationship with ❤

I fell in love with Jpop music when I was 8 in 1999 when I saw Ayumi Hamasaki on tv. She was big in Asia back then and all her songs were great hits. That was the type of music I like – powerful with strong beats.

I wanted to understand ayu’s lyrics, so I picked up Japanese along the way as well. I didn’t start going to a Japanese school until I was 15 though.

I attended Japanese classes at Tenrikyo Mission Centre for about 6 years before deciding to make the big move to Japan. I chose a language school in Osaka because Osaka is next to Kyoto, the place where the university I was interested in is at.

Eventually I gave up on university because I realised that wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I pursued my long-lost interest in arts and design by attending a course at a local computer college. Hope to become an illustrator cum graphic designer upon graduation!

Currently interested in photography, web design, ukulele (the instrument has been sitting in a corner in my house for ages!), Korean language and yoga! Too many things, too little time!


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